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Brilliantly cleaned all my laundry

I did have doubts about these laundry sheets, but decided to give them a go. I was very impressed with the results, especially when I washed my Dog’s bed! Nelly does bring a lot of mud, etc in with her and the bed was one step away from being binned it was that bad. The laundry sheet cleaned it all and left it smelling better than it had done for a long time. Wonderful 😊🐶👍🏼🥇

They work well

I’m very satisfied with these laundry sheets as they appear to work well.

First Time User

Wasn’t sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised would definitely recommend .

Really pleased with this product

I love these detergent sheets. Unlike other makes I’ve tried, they do not leave a white residue on clothing. Will definitely continue to use.

Environmental Positive

Great product which does exactly as it should, better for the environment, it’s a win win

Reusable Makeup Pads
Maureen Gunzi
Goodbye throw away pads

I am very happy with these pads, they lift dead skin gently (I rarely wear make up) and they wash well too. Will never go back to cotton wool pads except maybe on holiday and even then, will probably take both

Love these, so glad I tried them.

Tried these on the recommendation of a friend and so glad I did. Besides the obvious no plastic, eco friendly reasons, they are also handy for hand washing when travelling and take up no space. Won't ever use anything else again.


Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets


Great service

Well done Alex and team regards Craig

Fantastic Product

Easy to use, environmentally friendly package and detergent, very good washing results.

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Georgina Lynn Poulsom
Very satisfied

Very satisfied thank you

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Gail Devereux-Batchelor

All good! Re ordered for me plus a family member too!

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets


2nd order, so they must work!

Space saving while helping the planet

Great value for money and also helping the planet doing it one step at a time


Think they are marvellous will be using them regularly

Happy washing days

I love using these eco laundry sheets. They take up next to no room in my cupboard. The lavender scented ones smell delicious. The washing always comes out clean. Five stars!

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Catriona Prothero
Excellent product

After buying one pack, I decided to take out a subscription as they wash very well and the perfume is lovely. I like to see just a slim cardboard pack in my cupboard and not another plastic bottle! Highly recommend.

Brill clean

So clean and smell fresh usually get rash / allergic reaction from other detergent
You don’t need fabric conditioner either so win win Clean n fresh clothes and More money in your pocket
AND you saving the planet


Much less packaging. Smell nice. Eco friendly all round. Just what I wanted.

Clean washing eco style

Great product , clean fresh smelling washing .


Does exactly what it says !
Love them !