About Us

It's been quite the journey since we started The Green Company back at school. Read our story and take a browse through some photos from our younger days below!

The Beginning

The Green Company was founded in 2018 by a group of 16 year old students who struggled to find alternatives to single use plastic products. Our final years of school were mixed with early morning set ups, exhibiting our homemade plastic free range at country shows up and down the UK as the company grew steadily. Showcasing our eco-friendly range at some of the biggest events in the country was a real experience that taught us so much!

Changing Course

A year of cancelled events with the Covid-19 pandemic threatened the existence of The Green Company but drawing on co-founder Emilio’s e-commerce experience, we moved online. Continuing the business as Emilio and Kieran moved to university, we’ve seen our products end up in the hands of over 100,000 people from 150 countries and a new focus for the business emerging - condensed cleaning solutions, reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions from household staples.


Our known and loved GreenSheets™ and GreenTabs™ brands are home to market leading detergent, conditioner and household cleaning sprays in condensed forms. The Green Company has developed and expanded since those early days, but our mission remains the same; helping you reduce plastic wastage through cleaner, greener alternatives. Join our growing family today and try the Future of Clean!

Competing In The Young Enterprise School Competition


Early Starts & Late Nights At Events Nationwide


Building The Business From Emilio's Uni Dorm


First & Second Office as Orders Flew In


Another New Office, More Events, Awards & 100,000 Orders!


Brand Relaunch, New Products, Same Values