Eco Laundry Detergent GreenSheets™

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Eco Laundry Detergent GreenSheets™


How To Use Our Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Tear & Go

Following the dosage guide on the back of your pack, pop your GreenSheets™ into the drum underneath your washing.

Load & Wash

Load up your dirty washing, then start your machine as normal. GreenSheets™ work on hot, cold & quick washes, and are suitable for delicates!

Fresh & Clean

Hang your clean washing to dry and embrace the subtle long lasting fragrances of our scented GreenSheets™. Washing day has never been so easy with Eco Laundry Detergent GreenSheets™

Tear & Go
Load & Wash
Fresh & Clean

Plastic Free

Our GreenSheets™ are packed in a thin recyclable box and posted to you in a biodegradable bag made from corn starch


Hot, Cold, Quick, Woollens, Delicates, Hand Wash? GreenSheets™ are suitable for all

Cruelty Free

We never test any of our products on animals, and every stage of our supply chain is free of animal testing


GreenSheets™ are certified vegan and GMO free

Space Saving

1/10th of the weight of liquid detergent, GreenSheets™ will save you time, space and mess

Hypoallergenic Approved

GreenSheets™ are tough on stains, but kind on your skin and the planet

Septic Safe

Run a septic tank system in your home? Well our GreenSheets™ are suitable for use if you do

Travel Friendly

Lightweight and free of liquids. GreenSheets™ are the perfect travel companion

Cost Effective

From only 19p a load, GreenSheets™ are not only practical and eco-friendly, but affordable

Customer Reviews

Based on 1500 reviews
Washing sheets

They smell great ,clothes have come out clean n fresh
Looked for the British made,
These fit the bill, use mainly for delicates n my wool garments.
The bigger bonus is the space they do not take up.

Penelope Roberts
Like your product

I have used similar sheets before but wanted to keep to a British company so I researched yours. Very good results from the sample I purchased so will be putting in an order!

Mabel Ayo
The Green Co. Has My Blessings‼️

I really enjoyed this product and I found the sample quality, delivery and customer service of the laundry item very likeable and unique. Really nice one. Thank you! 🙏🏻 YouTube video placeholder


Where do we begin? 

From being rated a Best Buy Product in the Independent to receiving thousands of five star reviews we are more and more confident in the magic of our sheets. Here's just three things we love about our GreenSheets™: 

1. Better for the Planet - Our GreenSheets™ are packed in a biodegradable cardboard pouch, free of plastic! 

2. No bulky bottles - Not only are plastic detergent bottles terrible for the environment, they take up too much space in our cupboards. Our GreenSheets™ don't, they'll fit neatly in a drawer. 

3. Beautifully scented - We take great pride in having created a delicately balanced scent that has been rewarded for not being too overpowering but ensuring a thoroughly clean smell. Choose from Lavender, Fresh Linen or Fragrance Free.

Magic! Okay, maybe not, but almost! Upon contact with water our GreenSheets™ will instantly begin to return to their liquid state and mix with the water flow in your machine to give your clothes a proper clean! They work in all washes, even cold and quick!

The number of GreenSheets™ you'll need to use can depend on a few factors, including the size of your laundry load, how dirty your clothes are and how soft/hard your water is. Here's a quick guide to help you out:

Soft Water

Regular/Large Loads: For a standard washing machine with a regular to large load, just half a GreenSheet™ should do the trick.

Very Large or Heavily Soiled Loads: If you're tackling a much larger load you might want to use a whole sheet. This ensures that the larger volume of water and clothing gets evenly cleaned, leaving no sock behind. For those clothes that have seen better days—maybe after a muddy walk or a culinary experiment gone awry—you might consider using an extra sheet, regardless of the load size. This helps in breaking down tough stains and dirt more effectively.

Hard Water

Rough rule of thumb with any laundry detergent in a hard water region is to use a tad more. We recommend an extra half a sheet for any load size, to ensure a thorough clean, but you'll work out how much you need after just one or two trials, which is why we offer a 4 load sample pack for just 95p!

Yes! Our products are never tested on animals and our GreenSheets™ are also vegan!

Unlike pods, our GreenSheets™ are made from naturally derived ingredients, ensuring no nasties end up in your house, and out in the drains. With a powerful wash that stands the test of the most expensive pods, our little sheets pack a mightier, more natural punch than pods. Read more here.

We have a strict no-nasties policy, so all our ingredients are sourced with you and the planet in mind. The full list of ingredients is as follows: Organic Dodecyl Salt, Palm-Free Decyl Glucoside, Water, Coconut Oil Derivative (Cocoamidopropyl Betaine), Glycerol, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Trisodium Citrate, Parfums. 

All the above ingredients are super kind on dry and sensitive skin so don't worry if you suffer from either of those!  

Our Fragrance Free option doesn't contains any parfums :)

Let's break down the ingredients found in our natural laundry detergent, find out what each ingredient does below:

1) Organic Dodecyl Salt: This is a type of surfactant, also known as a detergent. Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension between two substances, such as a liquid and a solid. In eco friendly laundry detergents, these surfactants help to loosen and remove dirt and grease from fabrics naturally. Organic Dodecyl Salt is effective in breaking down and removing soil from clothes.

2) Palm-Free Decyl Glucoside: A gentle, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant derived from natural sources like coconut. Non-ionic surfactants do not carry an electrical charge, making them effective in both hard and soft water. Decyl Glucoside is known for its mildness and is often used in laundry products for sensitive skin. 

3) Water: Serves as a solvent in our eco laundry detergent. It helps to dissolve the other ingredients and facilitates the even distribution of these ingredients when the sheet dissolves in the laundry water.

4) Coconut Oil Derivative (Cocoamidopropyl Betaine): A mild and biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil. It's commonly used in both personal care products and detergents for its gentle nature. It also contributes to the foaming and lathering properties of the detergent, improving its cleaning ability. 

5) Glycerol (Glycerine): A humectant, meaning it helps to retain moisture. In laundry detergents, glycerol can help to keep the product from drying out and can also impart a slightly softening effect on fabrics.

6) Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA): This is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. In laundry sheets, it's used to create the film that encases the eco laundry detergent. PVA dissolves in the wash water, releasing the active detergent ingredients. It is also biodegradable and doesn't leave any harmful residues.

7) Trisodium Citrate: A water softener that also adjusts the pH of the laundry detergent. In water softening, it binds with calcium and magnesium ions, reducing water hardness and improving the non bio laundry detergent's effectiveness. It can also protect fabrics from harshness and help maintain their color. 

8) Parfums (Fragrances): These are added to give our laundry sheets a pleasant scent. Lavender and fresh linen fragrances come from natural essential oils, not synthetic ingredients. Our fragrance free option does not contain any parfums. These are best if you have sensitive skin

Yes! For just 95p to cover the cost of postage you will receive a sample pack of 4 loads to trial the wonder of our Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets in your home. No contracts or funny business, just a one time 95p cost to cover the postage!

We have an incredibly flexible subscription service which you can cancel at anytime. You will receive access to an online account where you can change; the frequency of deliveries, number of sheets in your pack, pause a delivery if you have too many left, or simply cancel with the click of a button. You can also email Leanne on who can make all those same changes for you.  

You don't have to subscribe though! You can always just make a one time purchase whenever you need!

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