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Extra Wraps
Violeta Macias

Extra Wraps


Harika bence tavsiye ederim

Extra Wraps
Alexa DePrisco
Worth It!!

I got the 3 pack of small, medium, and large wraps and figured why not get the extra 3? I'm glad I did! Having the extra on hand comes in handy when I need to use two of the same size at one time!

Extra Wraps
Vera Toomik

Extra Wraps

Goodbye plastic

Reusable, easy to clean, great product

Baaswax food wraps review

I never recive my package


Love the quality and their size. Very good so far.

Great Purchase!!

This product was advertised through Sweatcoin, I bit and got the 3 pack of the Beeswax Food Wraps and even paid the extra $11 for 3 more, and I'm so glad I did! The prints are super cute, the product is easy to clean, and I love that it's waste free! Initially, the wraps are a bit stiff and sticky, but after one use they loosened up and became less sticky, no alteration to food taste or texture either!

great wraps

These are really good to use instead of cling wrap. I like the nice design. I definitely like that they are reusable.


love the sizes, they work for everything in my fridge

Great wraps

These are the best food covers I’ve ever used! The fact that I can reuse them is wonderful.

Beeswax Food Wraps - Reuse me for years!

Love love love

Really great product, wraps were much larger than i initially expected which was a plus!! The fabric used is super cute.

They straws

They do what they do.

Cute :3

Works great!

These work well as a lid for my bowls that don’t have lids. They also save me dishes because I can wrap the beeswax cover over the container the food is already in instead of transferring to another dish that has a lid.


Has kept my food fresher longer

I Like it 😊

i like it really, nothing negatives to report or so. 👍🏻😎
great things.

Work well

Item works better than I thought it would. Good purchase

Great straws!

They are really convenient and I love the little cleaner that came with them. We have cut down on sigle use plastic by not using straws. I really like this company.

The wraps are wonderful!

Sweatcoin Reusable Drinking Straws

metal straws

i enjoy my straws. the engraving on them with the sweatcoin logo is cool.

Beeswax Food Wraps - Reuse me for years!