Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry Detergent condensed into lightweight, soluble sheets which reduce carbon emissions in production and plastic pollution in their usage. The all round option for the planet!

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets

Powerful laundry detergent condensed into dissolving sheets, packed in biodegradable cardboard pouches. A revolution in washing starts here!


The perfect alternative to your existing laundry detergent. Produced using minimal energy, fully enclosed in biodegradable packaging and with the same powerful cleaning effect, our eco laundry detergent sheets are the go to laundry product!


The perfect alternative to your existing laundry detergent. Produced using minimal energy, fully enclosed in recylable packaging and with the same brilliant effect, our eco laundry detergent sheets are the go to product!

How To Use


Tear and Go

For a standard load, simply tear a sheet in half along the perforated lines, and you are good to go! If you're doing a big wash or your clothes are very soiled, we recommend putting in a whole sheet to ensure a thorough clean!

Load it Up

Pop your washing in the machine followed by your sheet. Then close the door and get ready for clean clothes!

Fresh Clothing Awaits

We have two scented options, Fresh Linen which is nice and subtle giving your clothes a wonderfully fresh feel! Or choose from our delicately scented Lavender option, our personal favourite! If you have sensitive skin or are looking for an scentless wash, try our specially formulated unscented sheets!


After buying one pack, I decided to take out a subscription as they wash very well and the perfume is lovely. I like to see just a slim cardboard pack in my cupboard and not another plastic bottle! Highly recommend.


So clean and smell fresh usually get rash / allergic reaction from other detergent You don’t need fabric conditioner either so win win Clean n fresh clothes and More money in your pocket AND you saving the planet


I love these. I ordered both (linen and lavender) as I wasn’t sure which I’d like best. Personally I like the linen one better but both are lovely. I was using another brand before I found these and the results weren’t anywhere near as good. My laundry is softer and smells much fresher, can’t recommend enough!


I didn’t really know what to expect from this product, I have always used traditional laundry detergent liquids or powders so I was curious if this would work as well. I was pleased with how clean everything is and the fragrance is subtle which I like. The laundry sheets do completely disintegrate as promised so there’s no worries about that. I like the fact they come in a cardboard container and take up so little space in my cupboard too. Would buy again.


I was a bit sceptical about how well these sheets would clean the clothes but have been pleasantly surprised. My washing is just as clean as when I was using washing tabs (usually aerial). I feel really good about the fact that my household has reduced the amount of micro plastics being put out there. I have been recommending these washing sheets to everyone! Also they smell good - always a bonus.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's So Good About These?

Where do we begin? 

From being rated a Best Product in the Independent to receiving thousands of five star reviews we are more and more confident in the magic our sheets. 
Here's just three things we love about our laundry sheets: 

1. Better for the Planet - Our sheets are packed in a recyclable cardboard pouch, free of plastic! 

2. No bulky bottles - Not only are plastic detergent bottles terrible for the environment, they take up too much space in our cupboards. Our sheets don't, they'll fit neatly in a drawer. 

3. Beautifully scented - We take great pride in having created a delicately balanced scent that has been rewarded for not being too overpowering but ensuring a thoroughly clean smell. Choose from our Lavender option for a floral smell, or our Fresh Linen for a more subtle, delicate scent.

What Are They Made From?

Essentially our sheets are just condensed laundry detergent liquid, but we have a strict no-nasties policy, so all our ingredients are sourced with you and the planet in mind. 

The full list of ingredients is as follows: Water, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Sodium Decycl Sulfate, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate and Saponis. 

All the above ingredients are super kind on dry and sensitive skin so don't worry if you suffer from either of those!

How Do They Work?

Magic! Ok, maybe not, but almost! Upon contact with water our sheets will instantly begin to return to their liquid detergent state and mix with the water flow in your machine to give your clothes a proper clean!

How Many Do I Need?

Choose from either a pack of 32 or 64 loads! A load is around 4/5kg so a pack of 32 should last you accordingly, however (!), depending how soiled your load is you might find you use enough for two loads occasionally. If you're new to our laundry sheets you'll very quickly work out how many you need!

Are They Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes! Our products are never tested on animals and our laundry sheets are also vegan!

How Does The Subscription Work?

We have an incredibly flexible subscribtion service which you can cancel at anytime. You will receive access to an online account where you can change; the frequency of deliveries, number of sheets in your pack, pause a delivery if you have too many left, or simply cancel with the click of a button. You can also email Alex on who can make all those same changes for you.

Do I Need A Fabric Softener?

We have designed our sheets so that you don't need to use fabric softener in order to achieve your perfect wash!

How Long Will Delivery Take?

We are based in Hertfordshire in the UK, and we post out orders most days, so if you're in the UK your order will arrive 2-5 days after ordering. We do ship internationally via Royal Mail, and most orders arrived within 7 days to the Rest of the World.

Do You Have Any Further Questions?

Please do get in touch to ask! Email Alex on and he'll be on hand to help answer anything :)