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Pleased with the results, what a space saver! Only criticism, would like the scent stronger

Versatile Multi Coloured Straws

Bought 2 packs for my friends, who both enjoy making various colourful cocktails so these will really add that extra sparkle.
Added bonus that they are dishwasher proof and come with their own little cleaning brush.
Recycling material for packaging an added bonus.
Very swift efficient service

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets Samples - 4 Loads

Wonderful product!!

Smells amazing!
Cleans beautifully!
Good for the planet!
What's not to love?!?!?!!

Best I’ve tried!

I started using laundry sheets about 8 months ago but never found one I liked, until I discovered The Green Company. Clean clothes, smelling fresh and not expensive to use

Absolutely outstanding

I love it when companies give a lot of thought into a product. The scent of the fresh linen was absolutely divine, the strips were so easy to use and most importantly they were vegan and cruelty free. The fact that the mailing bag it came with was made out of cornstarch and therefore being compostable was incredible in itself. Absolutely amazing company and will definitely buy again! Xx

Very Good

Really pleasant smell for my laundry, and does the job , so I am continuing with orders.thankyou

Plastic Free Floss
Rebecca Teal
Laundry sheets Lavender

Very pleased with these laundry sheets, first used the Fresh Linen scent which was very nice, now trying the Lavender scented ones. They do the same job as any other laundry detergent, and there's no plastic waste! The packaging is just cardboard, so easily recycled, and it takes up very little space in the cupboard. What's not to like!

Detergent sheets

Amazing product will order this again

Lovely laundry sheets

These are brilliant. Great results in the washing, super light weight, and kind to the planet. Win-win!

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets

Clean and fresh

I have a small kitchen so large bulky bags of detergent don't work for me, but even if I had a large kitchen I would not swap using these laundry sheets, they leave my clothes clean and smelling fresh, no plastic waste, so therefore better for the environment, and economical too.

Fresh and clean

I bought this product because of its environmental benefits. But the other benefits are great.
No heavy washing powder or capsules, and no space taken up storing them.
Most washes only need the half sheet. The wash always comes out clean and the clothes have a nice fresh smell. Just a cardboard envelope to put in the recycling rather than big plastic containers.
Easy to just order online and wait for the post.
Definitely the future.

Love these

Love these laundry sheets. Would be interested to see if they develop one for coloured washes.

Very impressed

Laundry sheets are very effective. I'm a convert and have been recommending to others.


Tried the 6 wash sample pack. Did exactly what it needed to do. Will order again. Can’t get my hard round these people who think they need to fill their machine with 3 different products when one tiny sheet will do the job and maybe help save the world.

Great product

Wow ! I was not sure about this product, if your unsure try it ! Definitely will be buying these .

Laundry Detergent Sheets Samples - 4 Loads

Great product

So easy to use and good for the environment

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Christopher Morriss

Minimal storage space. Maximal access - no more grappling with press-fit plastic packaging. And they work with cold washes - How cool is that!

Brilliant product

I love everything about your washing sheets, the packaging, the smell, how effective they are and also the quick service if I have a query.

I’m converted!

The samples of washing sheets I’ve ordered have totally amazed me. Just half a sheet in a normal 40C wash and all stains, smells vanished. Yesterday my partner cut his hand and there was blood on his top, again, half a sheet in a standard wash, the stain disappeared. I will be ditching my previous plastic packaged detergents and fabric softener and using these sheets. They’re brilliant!

Small is beautiful

Spent a lot of time searching for the right eco credentials to move to washing sheets. I love the lavender got a trial first which was really helpful to convince me to switch. Absolutely delighted with cleanliness and fresh smell

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Catherine Pouncey
Laundry sheets

Very good. I like the sustainability with no plastic even in the packaging

Laundry sheets

Lovely smell , dissolve easily