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Amazing laundry sheets!

Enjoying the clean freshness from the laundry sheets, which take up a tiny amount of space in the laundry cupboard in comparison to the usual containers laundry soaps.


Was impressed with the product from the free sample, so ordered a big supply for future. Great idea and solid company who is investing in the planet and its future. Bravo!

Lovely smell

I really love these laundry sheets. They smell divine and the smell definitely lingers after the clothes have dried. I can't believe how such a small amount does such a great wash. I definitely recommend them.

Super product

I can't praise this product highly enough.
My skin has calmed down and everything is so clean and kinder on the environment

Great product

Love the washing sheets so good. Washing smells good. Easy to store. Very happy would recommend

Saving The Planet

Excellent sheets for clothes washing. Excellent packaging and excellent service.

Love these!

I had a sample of the lavender laundry sheets, really liked them so have subscribed! The scent is beautiful not overpowering and they do the job. Love that they're cruelty free and the packaging is all card. Highly recommended ❤️


I can't believe this little sheet cleans so well and smells beautiful by the way. They take up the smallest space, great value and so light to carry. You must try them? Once I have used my existing stock I will be stocking up on these.

Best product ever

I am so happy I found this. Best for my machine & clothes squeaky clean with a lovely subtle fragrance. Price brilliant. Telling all my friends!

Game changer

I was rather sceptical but these are lovely to use.

Love these washing sheets!

These sheets are great, they clean and take up no space, they are not plastic…what’s not to love?

Excellent product

Excellent product, very pleased with it

Laundry sheets

I ordered 2 packs of these. They are so thick, you need to check if you are using 1 sheet!!
They made my towels so much softer and they smell very pleasant too. Thank you.

Love my laundry sheets

Love my laundry sheets, they give a fabulous clean wash at low temperature - thank you so much


I bought the lavender washing to try and am very impressed

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Susan Spencer-Calnan

Great little sheets!
Smell nice, easy to use, space saving and carbon negative!

Improving the environment

I have been looking for ways to do my bit and this product is excellent. Most importantly they work, they are affordable and they arrived without delay.

Give it a whirl!

I was sceptical but really wanted to reduce our use of plastic and chemicals. 12 year old muddy p. E kit came out perfectly clean and fresh. Impressed!


Love the eco laundry sheets, no mess, no adding to much detergent. Wash very well not much of a smell but does smell clean, normal was I use 2 sheets as I live in hard water area but online 1 if small wash I do my washing in bucket with plunger and you can see the bubbles and dirty water so you know the sheets really do work. I have a subscription so no worries reordering and the delivery is very good

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
Bradley Sage-Passant

I am pleased with the laundry sheets, they work very well and were delivered quickly.

Reusable Makeup Pads

Good service

Order of the wash sheets arrived swiftly and with clear instructions. I am pleased with the results noticed no difference from my old wash pods. I have not tried on heavily soiled clothing yet.


Does the job. No plastic! Brilliant

Excellent product!

So far very pleased with the laundry sheets.
The lavender fragrance is very subtle and doesn’t linger which for me is good - I don’t like over scented laundry. Works well at cool temperatures (30degrees) on mixed fabrics.
Yet to test them on whites. Need to be kept in an airtight container in my experiences to avoid them absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Definitely recommend the laundry sheets!

Cellulose Dish Cloths
Rachel Busuttil
A Great Wash

Really pleased with these - family of 5 and noticed no difference between using these and standard washing powder/liquid. So an easy swap for me - now just to find an eco friendly fabric conditioner too!