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Useful and reusable alternative to clingfilm

Great item another small but important step to a better, greener way of living

Handy, pretty, eco-friendly

I'm enjoying these for a number of reasons - they're handy, pretty and eco-friendly. I try to do my best with the plastic reduction mission, and this makes it easier. Plus, fully covering food so I can't see it is discouraging me from picking at the leftovers - so if I end up slimmer that'll be an unexpected bonus 😂

Extra Reusable Makeup Pads
Maite Bernaola Zenteno
Good 👍🏻

Soft, good quality and easy to use and clean.


Fantastic. I’m very happy with the reusable make-up pads. My daughter also discovered it and likes them. Very easy to use.

Love them

Softer and more absorbent than single use pads
Love the feel of them on my skin

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set
John-Paul Stevens

Great bit of kit, looking forward to using them when we next go camping

Love them

They are easy to clean and really nice to use. I like the colours the bag to carry them helps when I’m going out with friends.

Reusable Makeup Pads
Teja Hermann
They are chic and sofr

I love them.

Perfect for home or travel

I recently got these makeup remover pads and started using them while out on a summer road trip. They do the trick well and are perfect to bring around with me! I haven't tried washing them yet, but the easy cleaning is something I'm excited to try. These are a perfect item for me!

Makeup wipes

Work great!

Reusable Makeup Pads
Rossella Di Pietro c/ D’Antonio

Wonderful! I need more of them!

Great product

Have used these four times already and absolutely love them and love helping the planet too!!

No more waste!

Love these pads, they are soft and wash well. Great product!

Simple and beautiful

Beautiful print, eco packaging, will be using these for years to come!

Great product

Got them in the mail and used two that night. Works great, keeps food covered tightly, fresh and easy clean up. Plus it is a great way to help trash out of the landfill.

I’ve never going back to wrapping plastic !!!!!

Amazing quality , cute design and it doesn’t get smells. They are very sticky which works wonders. I wash them as said in the instructions for care . Let them air dry and reuse them already multiple times!!!

Love it

Innovative, efficient and effective!!

Sturdy & Helpful

Love these and they have helped me out tremendously.

Reusable Drinking Straws & Free Carry Bag + Cleaning Brush

Great quality

Really handy size bags, and great quality. I use them for storing vegetables.

Awesome product

Look great, kids love them. Job done

Absolutely amazing

My whole family loves it!