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Excellent eco laundry sheets

I’ve waited to do a few washes before writing a review but can now say that I’m very happy with these laundry sheets: they clean just as well as branded detergents and take up hardly any space in the cupboard - and, of course, are a much greener alternative in terms of packaging etc. I will definitely re-order.

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets

Reusable Makeup Pads
Andreia Sofia De Oliveira Valente Palma

Reusable Makeup Pads

Reusable Drinking Straws & Free Carry Bag + Cleaning Brush

Great product

I love the way a small sheet of product does a whole wash, smells nice, good cleaning results & no mess at all, no wasted packaging, no need for a plastic wash ball, will be perfect for taking a couple of sheets for use on holiday, you can tear off a tiny amount to wash undies, bathing suits etc. Will be popping a packet of these in a few Christmas stockings this year!

THanks - great to be helping the environment

After the initial order going astray I’ve now received my laundry sheets. It’s great to be able to order these from a UK company - previously I’d used a Canadian company but aware of the impact of shipping the orders from Canada so lovely that these are made in the UK - hopefully?

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets
CustomerVera Cottrell
New customer

I think that getting 32/washes in a packet 16 by 18cms in recyclable cardboard is brilliant! No plastic, no heavy cardboard boxes no expensive transport costs. So saving the planet on every level! Just amazing. The washing comes out smelling clean and fresh but very little perfume smell. I don’t mind this but some people might. I rub stains to ensure that these come out as I only wash at 30 degrees. Totally converted to this ingenious product.

Works really well, no heavy boxes of washing powder to carry and store. Very pleased with the product.

Great product

Good laundry

Eco Laundry Detergent Sheets?

Absolutely brilliant the smell is subtle as a allergy and asthmatic sufferer I have to be very careful, no big boxes to store or trying to find cupboard space all packed in a envelope less waste 32 washes superb showed them to my daughter she defiantly will buy them I will defiantly order again thank you The Green Company.

Excellent clean.

Lovely scent. Definitely the way forward to reduce plastic packaging.

Reusable Makeup Pads
Stefani Egusquiza Gomez

Excelente calidad

Gorgeous Perfume

The laundry sheets that I bought were linen perfume and make the whole room where they are stored smell wonderful! Might add some to drawers and wardrobes!!

Easy to use and very efficient.

Tear off a strip and place in the machine what could be easier? I no longer have to weigh out powder and get the powder residue on clothes or spend a fortune on tabs. The laundry is just as clean and husband doesn't complain about over perfumed underwear! To be honest the green credentials are the added benefit.

Excellent product

Really delighted with the laundry sheets, once my current stock is used up I will certainly be ordering more

I love them

They Are great , beautiful colors and very good material

Reusable straws

Ideal product in this throw away world.


Love love love these. Brought them just to try and haven’t used any other detergent since, they smell amazing and the scent lasts a long time on your laundry! Brought the subscription service which works out so much cheaper than buying other detergent. Love this brand so much, thank you for inventing this amazing product xxx

Eco laundry detergent sheets

These are soo good, space saving, planet saving, if I have a large load in machine I have to use two, but generally one is enough,possibly need stain remover prior to wash if heavy stains, but 4 star nevertheless

Reusable Makeup Pads
Luigina Familiari

Beautiful and useful idea!

Reusable Makeup Pads
Sofia Vasylevska

Reusable Makeup Pads

Reusable Makeup Pads
Kateryna Markova

Reusable Makeup Pads

Reusable Makeup Pads
Misora Masuda
Very nice product

Easy to clean and wipes off the make up pretty well

Totally great

I love them

Good quality and fun colors